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Clear Investment Services

What We Provide

A strong and dynamic company, Clear prides itself with a long list of impressive contacts, which along with their vast experience, has enabled them to source the finest and exclusive properties, within prime locations in London. The experienced team not only have a proven track record when it comes to exceeding client expectations, but it’s the personal touch and local knowledge that gives them the competitive edge.


Weather you are an Institutional Investor looking for full blocks or multiple units, or an individual investor looking for a single buy to let investment we will have the perfect fit for you. Clear Investment is a go-to investment consultancy for clients looking for asset-backed, full service investment opportunities. We deliver a national portfolio, working with some of the largest regional and national developers in the UK. Our team have a national outlook with local expertise.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so our team work at the forefront of London and regional opportunities, while delivering expert national coverage. We take an in-depth view of regional markets so that we can deliver unique opportunities to our clients and better meet their investment requirements.

Distributors / Network Partners

We cultivate strong ties with reputable independent financial advisors, private banks, wealth managers and other third-party distributors and sub agents around the world who are reaping the rewards of our leading property investment portfolio.

We provide a simple referral channel that increases your capacity to meet the investment needs of your clients in a specialist asset class. Our distributors benefit from a diversified product range and a value-added proposition for your clients’ portfolios.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with a large number of global distributors, strategic partners and introducers who we pay very lucrative fees to.

We are constantly looking for more partners to distribute our stock throughout the globe. To join our network please get in touch, we can generate you better fees than you would be able to achieve from Developers, Vendors and agents due to our purchasing and negotiating power. Our distribution partners. Your clients are probably already investing in property, so it is both easier for them and more profitable for you.


Wether they are starting their property journey or looking to grow their existing property business, most people regardless of their experience often face the same hurdles.

We will never charge you a sourcing fee and always get retained by the vendor, so you can put us to work with the knowledge that there are no hidden fees, and we will work continuously however long it takes to get you into your property. We don’t just sell our properties to you, or restricted to only certain projects.

We work with all developers so have access to all stock at every level to suit your needs. We work with a lot of people: either just starting their property journey or looking to grow their existing property business. What we found is that the challenges for most people, regardless of their experience, are often the same:

  • Lack of strategy & knowledge
  • Struggling to source good investment opportunities
  • No access to the discount wholesale prices that we have
  • No access to every possible development available
  • Restricted access to whatever properties are available from one particular agent

We illuminate these restrictions for you, buy offering you a free service almost like your personal concierge and source the properties you want at the price you want giving you the best experience of property buying with exceptional returns. We strive to maximise returns as well as securing high quality properties predominantly in London that have excellent potential growth and rental yield in the residential sector.

Our investment opportunities are fully designed to offer annual returns from the very first day you take ownership. It is a well-managed approach, meaning that investors can use a hand’s off strategy to secure results.


Clear Investment is a full-service property investment company that helps high-net-worth investors from around the globe add the strength of UK real estate to their portfolios. We’ve worked closely with developers since the very start, and built strong partnerships on the back of our business model and global reach, and in some instances developers only work with us and our HNW clients to get a forward sale deal in place before they begin the development.

We work on 2 models with reputable NHBC developers around the country.We can underwrite certain developments, or a selection of units in certain developments or we can take on the master agency, where see the apartments globally through or database of investors and our network partners.

With a wealth of strong, global distribution partners, we have access to an exceptional client base of long-term property investors looking for high-quality opportunities in global real estate. These investors trust us to do the hard work for them, to source and deliver well-researched, reliable investments from some of the UK’s finest developers.

Why Work With Us:

1. Decrease Risk

The guaranteed early sales that come with using our model are an excellent way to secure the financing to finish your project at a more profitable level, and get early assurance that your project will be a success. We’re also offering you reliable sales through a model that combines the benefits of selling in bulk with the security of selling units to individual investors.

That way, you don’t risk losing the whole deal as you might by selling in bulk to a single corporate investor. Further to this, many of our investors are long-term clients who we’re confident will go on to complete their purchase, particularly given the access to international financing and incentives we give them to purchase through us.

2. Save Marketing Fees & Dilution Of Your Product

If you give your properties to a typical local agent, or portal then not only will you be paying substantial marketing cots including marketing, advertising, exhibition fees and big fees to agents in order to be incentified to push your properties more than their other listings, but you will also find that your properties will be diluted as they will be seen everywhere by clients, and eventually if not sold within the first couple of months tend to be lying on the shelve. We take this away as we guarantee sales within 2-3 months and will keep your development under the radar as it will be marketed directly to the right people.

3. Easier Local Sales

It’s very common for homebuyers to find confidence in the fact that a development has already sold a high percentage of its units, and therefore be more willing to invest themselves. By partnering with us at an early stage of your project, you can ensure the sort of high sold-percentage that can be so important when you later come to promote your development for any further sales the local market.

4. Simplicity – One Point Of Contact

Sales to our investors will also be easier for you in a logistical and process sense – we work with investors throughout the investment process and beyond, meaning we act as your single, easy point of contact in managing the completion of all purchases that come through us.

5. Industry Expertise

We are a team of UK property experts and know how to sell to overseas buyers. We also work with the best professionals in the business from property surveyors, real estate insiders, and experienced investment, and finance consultants, through to conscientious investment and property managers and creative events and marketing teams making is the perfect one stop solution for developers.

6. Leading Reputation & Track Record

Since its inception, our business has developed and cultivated a trusted brand that is sought out by high-net-worth investors around the world. We strive to deliver excellent investment returns and have built a reputation for integrity and reliability, built on a long-standing record of rising to meet the challenges of the commitments we make. Selling thousands of units in London and the top tier UK cities, and generating over £150m in revenue for our developers.


We provide consultancy to clients, whether you are buying a portfolio, want to take a full block or want individual properties in different developments and locations in London and Northwest England we use our market research team and contacts to provide a profitable property solution for you.

Exclusive Opportunities

We have access to off market opportunities when it comes to new development pre-sales, and also resale’s from our clients who bought at launch of a development and therefore can provide our clients the highest discounts possible.

In other developments even if they are not exclusive to us, and you see them marketed the deal price that we achieve for you will be excusive, as we work directly with the developers and move multiple units for them so we have exclusive pricing which you won’t even achieve by going directly to developer.

Deal Structuring

For the sophisticated investors who want to make property investments on a higher scale, we can structure deals to fit your investment criteria. This can involve development, joint venture opportunities and also underwriting and forward purchase deals where you come in at the start and therefore realise all the gains of a property developer and institutional investor without the hassle and hard work involved in the process.

You invest the money and leave the work to the experts with your investment fully secured. Weather you have a short-term investment plan, or a long-term investment plan we have a deal to fit all.

Affiliate Programme

Refer an investor and you could earn to £2,500!!

Our unrivalled investments opportunities and excellent quality of service are the reasons why our clients continue to invest with us and go on to recommend us to their friends and family. In fact, more than a third of our sales come from repeat business and referrals alone. Now we’re looking to help our clients further with our new reward programme. Unlike other companies, we’ll actually reward you for referring anyone that invests through us. As a valued client, by referring someone, you can earn.

It is very simple, if you are an existing investor with us all you have to do is recommend a friend, family member or associate to us and give us their details and leave the rest to us. If the buy an apartment from us, upon them exchanging contacts we will pay you £2,500 per apartment.